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Friday, June 12, 2015

What Are You Good at GM's Challenge

I received this in in my email the other day ("Thanks" Jon!) And I found the idea fun enough that I decided to play the game.

What are your favorite game style or genre?

My Top Three:

    1- Intrigue/Political(any era or style)

    2- Historical (After years of failure, I finally got to do it right)

    3- Horror/ fear (particularly slow-building like Call of Cthulhu)

Which games could you use to work on?

That is, if your group wants to play one of these games, you yourself would probably recommend a different GM.

My Bottom Three:

    1- Combat-heavy (I don't mind it, but after a while, it weighs on me, and I want to do more)

    2- Near Future/ Sci-fi modern (I can't do stuff like Cyberpunk, Mad Max or Shadowrun, I'll play but not run)

    3- Steampunk (I love the style, look, but no game has ever really carried the feel to me.

What elements of Gamemastering do you do best?

What aspects do you nail more often than not?

My Top Three:

    1- JPisms ("thugging", "pre-looted bodies", "getting some McLovin'")

    2- Wheels within wheels (no plot is ever truly over, everything is never completely explained, there is always something else)

    3- Nastiness (I like to beat up and challenge my players to bring their a-game)

Which elements are still a work in progress?

Name some things that you don't do as well as you'd like.

My Bottom Three:

    1- Forcing the players along (when the party is planning or preparing to do something, as long as they keep talking, I keep waiting for their final plan)

    2- Description-heavy locations (I try to use evocative language and go with the flow)

    3- Dungeon crawls (I don't mind them, I just bore myself when they are too long)

How about you?


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