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Sunday, September 15, 2013

Under the Influence: 31 days of inspiration

I have been simmering this series of posts for a while now. I looked at a number of other blogs doing "30/1 days of movies/RPGs/whatever" and I have been thinking about doing something myself, something of an homage to things that have influenced me to become the gamer and/or writer I am today.

My choice of October has more to do with convenience than anything.

The criteria for this selection was fairly broad. They had to be things that I would immediately name as influential in my life. These influences vary greatly from one to another, from books, to movies, to people, to trips,music albums and even a concert. They range the span of my life, from my earliest days to the present.

I avoided anything that I would consider a negative influence. There are many of those: people I do NOT want to be like, the jerks and idiots, music I hate, books I never finished, movies that made me value sleep. That list would take about 10 years as I would pour my vitriol on these things that deserve a good roast. I wanted these to be uplifting to me when I look at the list, to have memories fondly come to mind and I will try to share those with you.

These past few years, I wrote yearly retrospectives, mostly for me to remember and leave some type of record of what I did. This in a way is a retrospective of my life and what has brought me here. As I look at the list (which I keep in the same document as I write this)

There are many people who could've made the list but came up just short (or they were on it, but were cut for me to bring the list down to '31).

The order was (mostly) random. The first one was NOT random.


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