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Monday, September 23, 2013

Update: I wrote nothing for 5,000 words

For over a week, I have failed to do any serious writing.

On anything.

I am both annoyed and frustrated about it, but I just have nothing good I want to write now. And I do have projects to do and things I want to get off the ground. But I just did not managed to get myself to do anything. I could give you a number of reasons or excuses: my move, the cable being on the fritz, a major release at work and just a desire to recharge my batteries.

I have been working on a piece of fiction for NeoExodus that is coming along slowly. Remember that Writer's group I attended? No? Well their input and insight was very helpful in how to create and write. I am currently are 5 Chapters in and the words keep flowing - slowly. From the story of a single fairly dumb kalisan barbarian, a number of different characters has sprung. As usual, the core of my story has expanded and I need to reign things in towards the conclusions. I enjoy myself as I write it. It's like a distraction of sorts. Keeps me from just slacking off, playing Blood Bowl (where I crush my opponents 4-0 on average) and trying to learn the numbers of my favorite channels on the TV.

I have also been adding a few rule elements to three products I've been diddling with: The NeoExodus Player's Guide, a monster book called "Scions of the First Ones" (which includes a lot of new monsters), and a book of nasty, evil things called "Magic of the First Ones" (which includes a number of things to decorate your NeoExodus games with). A lot of things going into these books that are little more than half-formed ideas, the kinda things you think about when you say. "Wouldn't it be cool/ nasty/ evil if [insert something Cool/ Nasty/ Evil]."

So this is a sort of update about nothing totalling some 5,000 words.



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  1. You are not alone in your frustrations. Writing is high madness. It was a gift from Cthulu to drive some of us nutty.

    Have a cuppa, find that muse, and good typing to you.