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Monday, September 9, 2013

More lies: Tacticon and NeoExodus Legacies

Tacticon was a smashing success for NeoExodus Legacies... we ran at least one table in every slot. Full tables of six players for the most part.

The Friday night interactive ran with two tables: one of APL 3 and one of APL 7.

What was at stake was the future wedding of Tsarina Anayanka of the Arman Protectorate. After the near debacle in Trovaska earlier this year (Paizocon) she realized the danger her family dynasty was in. So she resolved to find herself a husband to secure her family's legacy.

Four Princes came forward: Prince Vladimir, a former senator for the Protectorate; Prince Dmitri, who became famous during the recapture of Trovaska in 91AU; Sheik Abdel from the Dominion sent with Khagan's regards; and finally Prince Bial Eland, wanted in the Caneus Empire in relation with the murder of Empress Mercy, his sister.

To ensure as much information as possible, the Raina hired bands of adventurers herself to meet with the Princes and report to her. The adventurers were sent to meet with the Princes to gather some of the information about them for the Raina - and for their patrons. For indeed all six patrons were interested in the affair, whether to help, hinder or simply know about what's going on.

Making a notable appearance was the Folding Circle whose first appearance in the Legacy campaign surprised a few people! It really was great to write something for such memorable characters. Now if you don't know the Folding Circle, (click here to find out more and where you get get the book in dead tree or pdf). The short version of it is that these guys are über-terrorists think a group of super-powered Osama bin Ladens. but the coolest thing about the book is that the Folding Circle are scaled up: from a CR 3/4 through 25 or so, making them villains that can take it throughout your PCs' adventuring careers. They each have a distinct role in the group and their abilities are quite unique.

The voting ended in a tie with recommendations going to both Prince Vladimir and Sheik Abdel. After some deliberation, the Raina saw that most of the supporters favored Prince Vladimir and thus recommended him to her sister. The Tsarina, it is said, was so overjoyed that tears ran down her face.

During the official engagement ceremonies, the Folding Circle made their move, attacking the Alexeisdom, the grand Sanguine Cathedral of Mureath. Because of the bravery of both adventurers and the Protectorate army, the Folding Circle was repelled and the Janus Hordesmen they freed were prevented from entering the cathedral, saving the attendees.

If you missed it, here is the Epilogue to the special.

The festivities for the coming wedding of the Tsarina with Prince Vladimir resumed even before the debris had been cleaned. As the fireworks, merry songs and drunken dancing resumed, the whole of the Protectorate reveled in the future coming of an heir.

Tsarina Anayanka paced through her bedchamber in the dark, what little light there was filtered through the drawn curtains. Lost in her own thoughts, she failed to notice the sudden appearance of the dark skinned man next to the door.

After a minute, he put his hands on her shoulders. She froze, her hands reaching for his.

My love, both whispered. Enjoying the proximity, they remained still, both knowing this moment would end too quickly.

Turning to face her beloved, Tsarina Anayanka closed her eyes and gently kissed his lips. Milady, you are now engaged! It would not be right. It would not be proper, he said.

Oh Nasser, no other man will touch me but you. Never again should you bring his name into my bed chamber.

Sultan Nasser drew a breath to reply, but Anayanka pressed her finger on his lips. Never again, my love.


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