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Sunday, September 29, 2013

Big Announcements: Exodites and New Logo!

After weeks of teasing, I can finally begin rolling out announcements. This means goodies for you!

First Ones Entertainment

Over time, I had a number of conversations with LPJ and we both agreed that the campaign needed more focus and attention. To do that, we agreed that we needed to streamline the process. So we discussed a number of options before finally settling on the following: I would set up a new imprint, which would license the NeoExodus setting from LPJ to produce material for the Legacies campaign. LPJ Design is still the publisher of the campaign and game material so he's still the man to go to for the core rules and setting.

I thought about finding a clever name for the imprint. Something that told who we were and had a clever feel to it. Some ideas I had were: Exodite Press, Khaynite Press, Legacy Publishing before I finally settled on "First One Entertainment". Which abbreviates to "FOE" which pleased me. I liked it. Ran it by D'Anne, she liked it.

With a company name, I now needed a logo. So I first tried to come up with something. Something very simple that any expert could spruce up and make real nice. I have posted some of my art on this blog and have yet to receive any praise or job offers for it.

I presented the basic idea to LPJ. (You can see it on the right--->)

He laughed.

Out Loud.

Seven times.

But he was no help. So I knew then that I needed to get a professional. Someone that would take that and make it nice. If you follow me on twitter ( my Facebook friend (JP Chapleau), then you know that many answered my call for a logo designer. I received a number of very interesting offers before agreeing to work with Brian-D (who I know through PFS & NeoExodus). I presented the logo to him.

And he did not laugh.

Rather, he said "Great! That lets me know exactly what you want and gives me some room to work with." SCORE!

Later this week I will unveil the logo here on this blog.

I am happy to announce my new imprint, First Ones Entertainment - FOE for short - FOE will be publishing the NeoExodus Legacies adventures. The imprint might, in the future also publish other material (whether for NeoExodus or others). Who knows? Well, I do, but right now I do not have any firm projects on the table.

Exodites Announced

I will finally begin to reveal some of the people whom I've been collaborating with these past few week: the Exodites. I am still looking for more Exodites to bring NeoExodus Legacies out to the wilds of the world!

Exodites, like Venture Officers in PFS are volunteers (with perks) who run NeoExodus Legacies events in their communities. As we ramp up the games, more things will be added and announced. It's not like we're running out of ideas! We're only out of time to put them all out there. Seriously.

Over the course of the week, I will introduce to you to our first group of Exodites, in a series of post named "Meet the Exodites". I'm very excited to let you know of some of the places where NeoExodus games will soon be available!

Good things are a-coming! Don't you think?


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