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Thursday, January 12, 2012

Tales from the Auction: A Khador Army for Warmachine

Last Saturday was Gamers' Haven auction. Now a few places have done auctions locally, by definitely the best in terms of quality content, entertainment and just plain ol' fun, that's the one to attend. True, miniatures are the most common lot, but RPGs and board games are becoming more common. In fact, there so much stuff to go through, that the good folks decided to have it twice a year (once in January and once in August). The past two I missed due to Pathfinder Society events. Finally I could attend (though my wallet sings a different song...).

One of the lot I won at the auction was a anumber of Khador troops that were all broken and busted up. Missing arms, missing weapons, missing parts... Although I did not expect that much damage on the miniatures. Using a number of GW bitz, I fixed them. One of the jacks was missing so many parts that I had to turn it into a wreck marker.

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