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Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Pathfinder Society: Great News for Genghis Con

Okay, I can *FINALLY* talk about this. I've been freed from my NDA by Mike.

You know I've been vocal about this to you all and well, I've been the same to my Paizo Overlord. As a way to shut me up, they decided to give me what I've been asking for over a year now. My plan worked and guess who will be happy recipients of this most excellent news? That's right, the brave folk who will attend Genghis Con this year!




That means we will have a locally written and produced PFS-legal *INTERACTIVE* for Genghis Con!

That's right.

At the moment Scott and I are working on the story before we contact the GMs and get everyone together for a Slot Zero/tweak session. I want this to be awesome and great! Your feedback will be solicited after the event so that I can get back to M&M and tell them how it went.

PFS-legal means that you get risk AND reward for the game. XP, GP and perhaps, some extra goodies as well! You asked for it, I asked for it, and now we've got it.

How can you help?

First and most important will be to be present at Genghis Con (as a player or a GM). The bigger the event, the better.

Second, if you are a GM scheduled to run it (you should have received an email prior to this), I'll be in touch with you. If you are not a GM for it, don't worry. I can use a few more.

Third, provide feedback after the event.

What is it gonna be?

Those of you who were around in the days of LG can remember that I like to THINK BIG and make interactive adventures take you from the norm of the regular grind. At this time, there are lot of things up in the air about it, but I will be bolting everything down "soon" and begin talking to the GMs about it.

You might get to see some local celebrity PCs making cameo appearances...

What is it gonna be called?

"VC Special" is the name I favor, not to be confused with the "4-star Special" Paizo will keep publishing every year.

What format will it take?

You will have to show up and play. I expect it to be dynamic, interactive and fun.

What does "think big sti" means?

It mean I dream REALLY big... and swearing at the same time! It's a quote from a French Canadian Movie: Elvis Gratton II (Miracle à Memphis). You may not want to see this, but this has a French Canadian (Bob) vs a Frenchman... Hilarious (even if you don't speak French).

Okay this has NOTHING to do with anything, but I needed a good laugh.


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