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Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Warmachine: My Rhulic Army Grows [Mercenaries]

My first army in Warmachine are the dwarves of Rhul. They are awesome. I love how they paint up, I love how they play. Now I just need more playtime! I offer some more units for my Rhulic army. As I assembled my force, at 35 pts, I have a tier 4 Gorten army, which allows me to get a number of extra goodies!

First, another unit of gun shields, the true backbone of my army. These guys are tough and have thus far helped me win a number of games. I need more of them (of course). On a trip to northern Denver, I found a "cheap" officer and banner blister. These guys I can include for free as part of my Gorten themed list. I really like 'em.

I bought a new heavy warjack specially for jack marshaling by the gun shields. This is a Ghordson basher. As its name implies, it is designed to charge into melee and beat up on things. I am not convinced of the paint job I did however, and may decide to add to it. It works, but I find it too simple, it could use some... some... "funk up" I guess to really make it pop! I may have to revisit this model later (and I'll post all the pictures here).

Before Christmas, Castle Games ran a 20% off sale... I couldn't ignore that and as I looked through their wall of Privateer Press stuff, I picked up my first Hordes model. It should come as no surprise that I chose Brun and Lug the dwarf/bear combination! It's a BEAR! How can you go wrong with a bear... I mean bears are awesome! Lug's model is very easy and fun to paint, I had a blast during the Xmas break getting him ready. So far, he "only" ate through some Circle warriors...


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