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Friday, January 13, 2012

NeoExodus: Free Rpg Day Project Plea

We are getting there! We've reached over 50% of our funding request.

In December, Louis launched our project for Free RPG Day on Kickstarter. I really want for this to work as it would expose NeoExodus to a number of people who have never seen the world. And its a great world! Very different and exciting.

Someone commented that "if I get the product for free, why should I pledge to the Kickstarter?" Which is a fair question. Here are the two top answers.

First, without the kickstarter, we may not be able to get the adventure to the printers (or have more than one copy per box). Printing anything costs money, and even though it's FREE Rpg Day, we need to pay for the actual product.

Second, art is not free. If you have ever looked at a NeoExodus product (or any NeoExodus blog post), you know that Louis insist on having only top-notch, color art. Look at the video for some sample. I mean Louis does a stellar job finding awesome artists.

Third, you may pledge and get some awesome rewards forcing me to use an NPC you name or a town or province you get to name and give us some thoughts on.

Therefore, I ask that if you can pledge to our Kickstarter, to please do so. We are getting so close to the finish line and it would be so awesome! Check out the rewards... they are well worth it! It would mean a lot to us and you will get a great adventure and discover (or expand your knowledge of) NeoExodus. You can pledge by clicking this link.


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