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Wednesday, January 11, 2012

January Commissions: More Malifaux

Some more commission work for Stephen' Malifaux army. These quality miniatures were great to paint.

The first one is the Avatar of Conflagration. It is a great miniature with a lot of character. I like how the woman came out. I painted here in a blue tint for two reasons: first because the rest of Stephen's army is in blue, doing that ties her into the rest of his minis; second, because it forms a clears contrast to the yellow/orange/red of the flame.

The second mini (actually numbers 2-4) are more of the little demon-things. I did some minor conversion (arm swaps) and painted them similar to the ones I did last month. I painted these a darker blue with red hair, so they can be distinguished on the tabletop. As I took the pictures, I noticed that I have to retouch one of the bases so it's all nice.


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