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Monday, July 10, 2023

[Release] Ozaka Campaign Setting Released

Finally, after months of writing and play-testing, almost two years in fact! I have been working on this one effectively since the days of confinement. I had a very basic map, some basic ideas.

Some of the constraints I wanted:
- Japanese folklore should be prevalent but not be a course of Japanese history
- It had to fit and work together with Akhamet and Olympia, serve as a complement to those t
- I wanted the First Ones involved somehow, but not directly present
- I did not want a reskinning of Legend of the Five Rings
- I wanted to focus on an era that was more in-line with most of the samurai movies: the early Sengoku Jidai of the 12-15th centuries where bushido existed but was not as codified as it would be later, during the Tokugawa era.

So what is Ozaka?

Ozaka is a place in none of the other campaign setting, and in all of them. It is hidden beyond endless storms.

Once in Ozaka, the veil beyond the worlds is weak. Creatures from other planes can cross here easier.

This made the wilderness areas dangerous and traveled only by heavily armed and forces (such as armies, caravans, and adventurers) or swift-moving messengers (mounted couriers)

How is the game changed?

One thing I decided to add was the social caste, as a way to add flair. There are three castes: the samurai (nobility), the heimin (freemen), and the eta (foreigners, slaves, and those whose jobs are loud, dirty or smelly). These groups rarely socialize in polite society.

Members of low-castes respond with whatever they believe the samurai wants to hear, and most importantly, never say 'no' but come up with excuses as to why they cannot accomplish the story. "I would sama, but my wife is sick and I feel the same sickness coming over me." And members of higher castes tend to ignore or assume lower castes are telling them what they want to her.

However, since the wilderness is dangerous, the social restrictions are relaxed while outside the boundaries of cities. Adventurers therefore, are known to mingle with those of different castes - while they are "out there." Adventurers develop bonds of friendship and often ignore these strictures.

What is in the book?

Ozaka is the biggest book FOE produced to this day, clocking at over 200 pages. There are tons of new rule items, character options, new monsters, etc.

- Seven new character races, from the spidery Kumojin to the giant Akai-Oni or the fox spirit Kitsune.

- Two new classes to expand play: the courtier (ambassadors and diplomat) and the shugenja (mage-priest keeping the kami quiet).

- New archetypes for almost every class: cleric domains, the geisha, the shinobi, mystical tattoos, new spells, and a family history generator.

- How to use different social castes in your game.

- The religion of Ozaka, led by Lady Amaterasu and the Thousand Gods.

- Ten fully-statted NPCs to serve as mentors or opponents.

- Over thirty new monsters.

Ozaka is now available on DriveThru RPG.

If you want a hardcopy, you can get one on

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