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Friday, July 28, 2023

JP's Notes for the Gencon FOE GMs

This is a checklist to all the FOE GMs, but it is likely to be good for all GMs. Many of these points are likely to make you roll your eyes, but you don't want me to say "I told you so." Because I will. And wag my finger.

- Make sure you have your adventures ready and printed (I recommend not counting on your tablet/phone). Paper is king and never has a loss of power.

- Be ready You will never be as ready as you want. Read the adventure, understand what we are trying to do, ask questions.

- Use your time FOE uses 5h slots BUT this gives you a buffer to finish. People have games that will start after you are done. The area is massive so allow them time to travel. Ideally 30mins. By the same token, the adventures should not last two hours because they zipped through.

- Work with the players Players have wildly differing skill levels with the rules and use their creativity in interesting and fun ways. Work with them to craft an awesome experience. FOE values this experience over everything else.

- Always ask who is new Ask which player is new to the game and get them the easiest characters (typically the rogue or fighter, don't give them the druid!)

- Be fair, not nice Challenge your players with the adventure. No one likes a cakewalk and being coddled by the GM is one of my major gaming turn off. That said, help newer players with tactics, rolls, etc.

- Sleep Seriously. Sleep as much as you can. I recommend avoiding late nights and midnight madness events.

- If you have any issues, get me/JP I am there for you guys.

- Have Fun You are here to play as well. Enjoy running the games.

If you run one of the specials, I have a special additional request:

- Please show up 20-30 minutes early since these events require cohesion, I like to have a GM meeting ahead of time. Make sure we all know what to do, go over the adventure and trade last-minutes ideas. Many great changes/ twists were generated on the fly during those meetings.

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