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Saturday, July 29, 2023

[Kinda Book Review] Murena Tomes 1-3

CoverDecades ago, I purchased the first three volumes of the Bande Dessinée "Murena" by Dufaux & Delaby. It is the story of Nero, starting during the reign of emperor Claudius.

The first tome is about Nero's mother Agrippina and her machinations to ensure her son's rise to power over Claudius' own son, Britannicus.

The second tome is about Nero installing himself in power and again Agrippina's machinations to ensure that.

Tome 3 sees Nero realizes his mother's treachery.

The story is just brutal with people getting killed by stabbing, weapons, poison, or the arena. It is all there. The glory of Rome at its finest.

Page in LatinThe story is solid historical fiction based on the writings of period authors. The art is top notch.

There is one element that keeps appearing: statues of the god Mercury that keeps popping up, and listening or somehow helping Nero. I wonder if it is a representation of mental illness on Nero's part or the gods themselves. This mystery is really awesome.

For a rating, I have to give it a 5/5, the plot, the art, everything comes together. I cannot recommend it enough.

PS: I created this one post because I will be reviewing later tomes shortly!

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