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Monday, January 2, 2023

[Tau] Objectives for Will

With the new 3d printer, I was looking for a number of things to do that were not actually miniatures that I could print. When my feed on Cult3d showed me these Tau-generators and immediately I knew I had to make those. I printed them in two sizes, large (40mm wide) and small (25mm wide).

Those would be a Christmas gift for Will whose Tau I painted back in 2021. If there is one thing I learned is that having a few objectives that go with your army makes it really come together. I used a color scheme based the one I used for his drones. Did some fake-writing on the viewscreens, but kept the whole thing in line with the rest of the army.

It was a fun little side project and I was able to practice and learn how to use my printer better, so wins all around.

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