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Monday, January 16, 2023

FOE OGL 66% sale and new bundle #OpenDND

Well... The past few days have been VERY interesting to say the least. With all this chaos, as I am trying to figure out what my next step will be, I decided to offer a 66% off ALL FOE's catalog on DriveThruRPG!

I also created a pair of new bundles I've been asked by a few people.

The first one is for a number of the systemless GM tools I created as part of the Gostor line. If you don't know, Gostor is "Grumpy Old Schooler Takes On Rules". These short documents provide some GM help to create interesting things: voyages, items (the base item, not their abilities or values), ruins, etc. Fun short little things.

I hadn't gone over many of those in a while. You know the grind of life, preparing Gencon, and just working on new products. But I was stuck in the middle of an Akhamet adventure where I could not figure out what to add... "Not Bolted Down" came to my rescue.

Somehow, I got overly excited about it.

I am, after all, highly and easily excitable...


I also created a bundle for some of the Pathfinder v1 product written in the early days of FOE. They don't look as snazzy or as polished as our latest ones but they contain many good ideas.

From those early days, many great ideas saw the light of day, under Gostor or Tyrants of Saggakar.

Yes, I hope to one day return to Saggakar and make it the drea plane it should be. It's presence is not gone. It is still there. In the shadows. Lurking.

Waiting for the right time to strike.

It is there...

Here is a link to the System-Agnostic bundle. And one to the Pathfinder v1 bundle. Everything in them is at 50c.

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