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Friday, January 20, 2023

I have the WotC OGL Survey Results! #OpenDND #DNDBEGONE

I am happy to publish the results that was used, compiled, and the feedback that we read and understood. These have been confirmed by well-connected people in the industry, including the custodial staff at WotC and one guy who saw their offices back in 1994!

- 106% of the respondants think OGL 1.0a is outdated

- 105% of the respondants support our newest OGL (whatever it is).

Okay... That was a little humor to present my sentiment that I do *NOT* believe they will look at anything we will put in our response. The survey is a delaying tactic to ram what they want and give themselves the veneer of openness. I do not trust them. I do not believe them.

I expect no transparency from them about it. No total number of votes. No % of responses per answer. And definitely nothing of what we will write in their open field will ever be read by human eyes ever again.

Maybe when Skynet takes over the world, IT will read it and point to it as the reason for the downfall of mankind.

Like so many others, I can only encourage you to purchase from Third-Party Publishers (yes FOE, but anyone who is not WotC is cool). And especially, cancel your D&D Beyond subscription ASAP.

The FOE 66% sale is still going strong. Start or complete your FOE collection before they cut us off!

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