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Thursday, January 19, 2023

All good things... Wednesday Night Campaign

Well... Last night, after four years of weekly running, my Wednesday night Akhamet game came to an end in its current form as life pulled away the group. The (sad) usual end to a fun campaign.

After a climax with a massive revelation, heroic sacrifice, planar travel, an eclipse, and renewed conflicts among the gods and their followers, I needed a break from running two high-level campaigns at the same time (as my Monday night also runs high-level) and I did not have a good concept for the campaign going forward. They gave me one that worked but I "didn't feel it."

During this campaign, I tested many of the concepts and elements that made it into the Akhamet Player's Guide and its upcoming follow-up. Many monsters, locations were expanded during that campaign, really highlighting my design philosophy, which is to design at high level until something is needed for an adventure, then to expand and define.

The game had a lot of interesting moments. I had guest-stars, returning players who would participate in a session or three.

I feel... melancholic about it. Sadness mixed with fondness.

I must thank everyone who joined the campaign for one game or the whole thing from that first evening at Grand Adventure with Wild-Card Billy, Billy, and Marvin way back before the pandemic...

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