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Saturday, September 10, 2022

[Kinda Book Report] Essential Iron Man 4

This one is MONTHS late. So late that I had to go back and skim the book to remind myself what it was about.

The story of IronMan continues. It is rather "run of the mill" without too many stand-outs.

The one standout is the introduction of Firebrand as a villain.

One thing that I do find pretty interesting is that we deal with social issues. Comics have always touched on those with a fairly simplistic way. The unique take is that Tony Stark, unlike say Peter Parker or the Avengers, is someone with power to act. He is often caught between what he must do and care for his employees. While it is not clearly labelled as such, Tony must balance that. He does pivot his company away from his initial weapon manufacturing.

In all, this is unmemorable either for good or bad. I will rate this a 3/5. It was "okay."

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