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Thursday, September 23, 2021

Gencon After Action Report Part 3

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Saturday, I was not scheduled for GMing. I kept myself as a backup if anything happened. So I got myself tickets to the Rokugan Larp and Battle Interactive.

For the Larp, it turns out I was the highest-ranking member of the Lion clan (I wore my Predators' jersey). Through great work from my fellow clan members, we managed to obtain most of what we wanted. Yay! Great work to the lions!

After the game, I ran back to the Marriott to make sure the guys had everything they needed. They did not need me and soldiered on.

As an added bonus, I got to listen to them practice their craft on the adventures I wrote. It was awesome to hear them and their take on the material. Made for interesting takes. Kreon, the main character of all these adventures was presented three different ways, but like Doctor Who, everyone recognized him regardless of the GM who portrayed him. I just could not stop smiling.

Photo by Philip TchouNext was the battle interactive. We were protecting the capital city from the Phoenix Master of Water gone mad. I joined a group with three other shugenja. A fun group, that included Brian-F. Throughout the game, Brian and I talked about things, including thoughts about Rokugan and Arcanis. We agree on many things and hope for many more about these campaigns we love. Made time fly by!

Highlight of the game was when we fought the master of water. In short, we softened him and his guards. A little. Then he beat the snot out of us. I survived by using special certificates. It was, I think, the only time in the campaign where I participated in such a unique/ major encounter. I only survived through the use of special certificates. I got my butt kicked and left to the side at the entrance of the palace. Memorable, with a story to tell about it.

Thanks to Ryan who ran it for us. Thanks to Cory and Parker for the final encounter. Thanks to the group who took me in for the day.

Back to the Marriott to listen in on the final scenes of the guys.


Sunday was the final special, and the fourth installment Kreon's Woes, The Apology of King Kreon. Being Sunday morning, the eternal question of "How many people will show up?" And both Matt and Will shared that concern. I did not say much and tried to be conciliatory, but that question was on my mind as well.

However, fourteen brave souls woke up and arrived in time for the game and had to make a final judgement on poor Kreon.

(thanks of Matt for the pic)

The special went off very well as the players embarked in the craziness of the story. The mingling brought a lot of different and new perspectives to the different tables, making everyone think about their ultimate choice.

Everything done, we loaded the car and drove back to Tennessee without any serious events. Sleeping at home was nice.

Critical Events Summary

There are quite a few things to report from the events. Events that will affect the game worlds going forward.

Starting with Akhamet, the PCs explored some of the city of Algazan and returned with the following items that will need to be investigation and researched done to discover what they are:
- a magical copper bowl
- a magical gold bowl
- horrific writings in Horyrehmet
- odd windchimes
- a mysterious slab of pearlescent material they were unable to bring back but that sucked in two of their numbers.

Next on to Olympia, four of the adventures dealt with Kreon, his family, and his kingdom. After all was said and done, the following became clear:
- Queen Dionea was returned to Kreon's court
- General Klephos and his troops were rescued from the Lexosian
- Queen Aria was released and allowed to return to Lexos
- Zeus offered mercy to Kreon instead of smiting him with lightning
- Saggakara learned of the ancient crypts near the Pool of Athena.
- Kreon was taken by the Furies to be forever reminded of his shameful behavior.

These events may (will) influence future events in the world. Exactly how remains to be seen. I still have time to think about that before having to write anything.

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