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Monday, September 9, 2019

Akhamet: Two More Adventures released

Two more Akhamet adventures to released on DriveThruRPG!

Dying of the Day

This was an adventure I wrestled with writing but it came together and really took on a life of its own. This adventure features one of the most memorable NPCs I did for Akhamet, Prince Diogenes the son of Apollo. To this day, I have requests to feature him again as I read murderous intent behind the request. Yet the Prince is a hero...

Getting the artefact was the easy part. Getting it to its destination will be more difficult than you can bear. Originally run as the FOE Gencon 2018 Special.
A 5th edition adventure with an Egyptian flair and a touch of Greek myths for characters 1 through 5 (Optimized for level 3)

Colloquially known as the "Prince Diogenes Adventure"

Death in Anupolis

Akhamet - Death in Anupolis is an investigation/ dungeoncrawl where the PCs are called in to find a missing priest. All of this set in Anupolis, perhaps the oldest and most ancient of cities in Akhamet.

This adventure, Randy-P ran multiple times at Gencon 2019. I ran it here in Murfreesboro and had a real blast.

Grisly murders turned the peaceful town of Anupolis as a murderer is on the loose. To make things worse, the killer takes different body parts from the victims.
A 5th edition adventure with an Egyption flair for characters 1-4 (optimized for level 3)

Get it on DriveThru RPG today

Get it on DriveThru RPG today

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