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Friday, September 6, 2019

[Review] Game of Thrones Finale... was it that bad?

So I finally got through the final episodes of Game of Thrones. And frankly, I cannot get where all the hate comes from. It ends like the series has been thus far: with a "we survived" sort of ending.

Now I won't say I am super excited about the ending. It was "all right". I never read the books (and have no intention of reading them), so I don't care about that. So as a fan of the show, I have a few issues with it, but they have more to do with today's TV than with the show itself.

Here is my assessment of the result for some of the characters that made an impact.

Arya undeserved. She has the weakest of all ending. She sails off to somewhere. I did not care for her all along, so seeing her off doesn't matter to me one bit. Her entire story arc felt forced and contrived. She got powers of super assassins and she barely used them. Removing her would not have changed the story much (have Theon stab the Night King instead).

Brienne fitting. Now I do not like her. The character just makes no sense to me. Her one thing was when she got it on with Jamie... And I did not want to see that. Still her ending is fitting.

Bran fitting. Bran is a character that should've been better exploited. His true motives remain nebulous and thus left me pretty happy with him. With his powers, I am curious to see what he will do.

Cercei fitting. I doubt anyone liked her, she was the world's greatest bitch but her motivations held through. I liked her "just one good shot" line.

Danearis fitting. She had it coming all along and her action at King's Landing made her death necessary. She was a Targaryan through and through: just waiting for one small thing to make her go nuts.

Euron fitting. Okay this guy was a sleezy jerk. His brutal and graphic honesty was fun to see and towards the end, I rooted for this guy to live. Great pirate king!

Jamie fitting. He did move about for a LONG time after being stabbed in both sides. I got to really like this guy and was sad to see him die, but understood.

Jon Snow fitting. I like his exile at the end as he leaves the civilized world with the Wyldlings.

Night king undeserved. He died like a punk and his generals just stood there. Wasted opportunity.

Samwell undeserved. This guys should'a bit the bullet during the fight with the undead. He's not good for much. Still a fitting end for him.

Sansa fitting. The girl who got passed around the most ends up as Queen of the North. I cannot stand Sophie Turner with her dead eyes and emotionless face. I would not have cared if she died or was assassinated. However, that her end leaves the North in a positive note.

Theon fitting. His end redeemed him after all the crap he did to everyone (and what everyone did to him). He was a good guy in the end.

Tyrion fitting. This guy is perhaps one of the most polarizing figure as I loved and hated him: sometimes at the same time, other times in sequence. His transformation as a character was really remarkable and interesting throughout the series.

So, out of 13 characters, 3 I rated as "undeserved" and 10 as "fitting". So with that, I can declare myself satisfied with the ending of the series.

Would I watch more if they came up with more? Yes, I think I would. The finale left it open enough for more stories to be told in Westeros.

Unless the story focuses on Arya and her travels. And I don't want that.

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