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Thursday, September 27, 2018

FOE going back to Imaginareum

Next weekend, October 5-7 2018, I am going back to the Imaginareum, a writer-centric convention in Louisville KY. I have made no qualms about my love affair with Kentucky. Unexpected I can say, but the people there have always been great to me.

This year, I am a guest and as such will be participating in a number of panels and workshops.

Of note, JD Conrad, the awesome mind behind Rhym will be there too! Always a pleasure to sit with him to play or listen to his insight.

You can see the full schedule of panels and workshops on the Imaginareum Site.


Social Aspects of Gaming – Gaming often involves social interaction and this panel will discuss these elements, from the kinds of relationships formed to the styles of interaction. Fri 3pm in room Derby. Panelist include: (Mod- JD Conrad) Ben Serviss, Bradley Walker, Michele Lee, Scott Sandridge

Adventure Writing from Idea to Table – Presented by JP Chapleau - In 2 hours, veteran GM JP Chapleau has to run an adventure to a group of anxious and excited players. He has done nothing to prepared but play Pet Rescue and talk about his latest other product. With your help those poor players will have a great adventure to play. This workshop will take you through ideation through execution, with an eye towards publishing the finalized product. You will be involved in the design of the story and encounters. The moderator, JP Chapleau, wrote over one hundred adventure for many companies like Wizards of the Coast, Paizo, Chaosium, and First Ones Entertainment. He has been a GM for close to thirty years. (Length 2 hrs) (Fri 4:15pm in Heartland)

GMing Surprise Adventure! - (JP) I will GM the adventure from the previous workshop. Correct! The "unprepared part" is true, I will be running the adventure we made at the workshop. It is a crazy idea, but a very interesting challenge.


Freelance Writing – Ways to Getting gigs that pay. Freelance writing helps pay the bills for many creative writers. This panel will give insights on finding writing jobs that pay. Sat 12:45pm in Farmington. Panelist inlude: (Mod-Alan Goldstein) Jen Selinsky, R.J.Sullivan, James O.Barnes, JP Chapleau, John Colyer

Layout and Design Insights – Good layout and design skills are essential for producing professional quality print books, ebooks, and covers. This panel will provide an overview of layout and design, as it pertains to all three areas. Sat 2pm in room Derby. Panelist inlcude: (Mod-Matthew Jackson) Josh Hampton, JP Chapleau, Donna Dull

Discussing D&D – A fun panel exploring the world of D&D, including its history, changes, and the state of it today! Sat 3:15pm in room Cumberland. Panelist include: (Mod- Brian Hatcher) Joe Slucher, Michael Williams, Bradley Walker, JP Chapleau, Michele Lee, Scott Sandridge.

GMing - (JP) I am still waffling over whether I should run an Akhamet, Rhym, or ancient Greece, I still have not decided... But there will be some D&D going on.


World Building for Fun & Profit – Presented by JD Conrad – A workshop outlining a method to help creators produce a coherent world for fiction or game settings. Principally concentrating on fantasy, but with some information on SF/Horror/Urban Fantasy as well. Handouts and Question and answer period are included. (Length 60 mins) (Sun 9am in Iroquois)

Building the Brand of You – For many creatives such as authors, they are their brand. This panel will discuss the art of branding yourself, and building that brand! Sun 10:15am in room Cumberland. Panelist inlcude: (Mod- Brian Hatcher) April Brown, R.J. Sullivan, Janie Franz, JP Chapleau.

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