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Sunday, September 23, 2018

Another one bites the dust!

Well another one in the books!

Today marked the finale of a Akhamet-base short dungeon-crawl campaign I called "Pyramid of the Barbarian king" wherein a group of adventurers traveled into the desert into a strange pyramid. They were:

- Princess Akat, Retid-Khemite paladin (Jojo)

- Catman, Ptahn arcane trickster (ActionMan)

- Kuthet, Sethru bard (Matt)

- Neferkari, Ubasti cleric of Bast (Ariel)

- Ratara, Horite ranger (Erica)

- Terata, Anubian swashbuckler (who joined us for the finale, Sarah)

Given the rather unclear task of exploring the pyramid looking for anything that might help Pharaoh in his current predicament. The pyramid turned out to a strange place filled with people who do not eat or drink, worshiping barbarian gods. And discovering the history of this area of Akhamet, a part of history that is found in neither the monuments or the texts that survive from that era.

The history of Akhamet mention that barbarians took over the area, but it makes little sense that the people who were there simply vanished, or that the barbarians who established themselves here simply disappeared with their families. The adventure presented a few of these questions. It was interesting to do...

So until next time folks!


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