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Thursday, September 6, 2018

Rhym - County of Pemrose Released

For many months now, I have been toying with this setting idea of two strong factions somewhat deadlocked with a third in the wings. While the third faction does not have the legitimacy or the power of the other two, it was stable enough to serve as the kingmaker, as the one that would determine the fate of the nation... I was thinking of writing this for Tyrants of Saggakar but the ideas did not gel together: I had to set up too many elements to make it believable. It just was not what I wanted.

At the same time, I was toying with a few random ideas for Rhym. I was working on an adventure that would follow "Come to the Hills" (an adventure that got completely changed into something different so you know). I was toying with ideas for encounters and situations, a lot of "what would the PCs do if..." sorta questioning.

Inspiration struck suddenly and without warning as it is wont to do. I think it was 5PM when I was at work and should've been working, or just about to head on home when all the pieces fell together. The original idea and the situations fell into place like dominoes. After months of this not going anywhere, I suddenly had everything I wanted.

This is one of the things I love about Rhym: it is SO versatile. You can quite simply adapt any idea you have to it. It is the "Greyhawk" or our settings and for that reason perhaps the most approachable for new players, much moreso than Saggakar.

The random semi-formed ideas that would become the County of Pemrose fell into place. I finished the book then let it sit for a few weeks as I finished and published Akhamet and focused on Gencon. For the month after Gencon, I coasted. I must admit. The big push done, I needed time to myself to do other things: run games, paint and just enjoy myself.

So here is the official blurb for the book.

On the verge of civil unrest, the County of Pemrose is stuck between the power of the five noble houses, a growing bourgeoisie, and an order of knights made of goblins. The County is beset by threats, some overt like the Black Knights, some simmering like rebellion in the commoners' hearts, or the potential of a takeover by militarized goblins.

This book details the rich and detailed history of the County, its social structure with its five great houses, details about the threats facing the County, plot hooks, and stat blocks

The County is part of the Kingdom of Therland on the Rhym Campaign Setting but can easily be included into your own campaign setting. This book is compatible with 5th Edition.

You can find the book on DriveThru RPG or RPGNow.

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