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Sunday, September 16, 2018

I use my kids as punching bags

"What do you mean we can run away?"

"This is gonna be nasty because you wrote the adventure."

Today did not go as planned...

The original plan was to play with the kids, mine and Matt's. However, a school paper prevented that. I had another player, Sarah, who was scheduled to come, but decided against it later.

So I decided simply to play with just the kids. play something slightly different. Run something linked to a new storyline I am interested in getting off the ground and test a few unique ideas I have. Of course, I would never tell them exactly what I am testing out on them.

This plot line involves the Tehenu barbarians of the Great Western Desert, and the city of Waset. I have a few special things in store that needs playtesting... and well why not play-test it?

As a fun things... the kids drew maps of what they explored today... each of them added some interesting elements they each found interesting and important to note. The first one is by ActionMan and the second by Kitty.

I won't give the details, but the kids emerged victorious and a new storyline is started. It got rather close a few times... namely rolling a '1' on a death saving throw, or being swamped by zombies of peasants.

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