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Tuesday, October 2, 2018

[Ravenloft] Call for playtesters

For the past few months, I have been working behind the scene at a re-work of the Gencon 2016 adventure: Dreams of Dust. This redo involved changing the adventure from Pathfinder RPG to 5th edition. My idea is to release it through the DM's Guild. Which puts me in a quandary... I need more people to go over the adventure and see if it reaches the level of quality I want for FOE products. Yes, improving the quality is one of the (many) sub-goals I set for myself and for FOE in 2018.

Which leads me to the following request: I am reaching out to established D&D DMs and groups who would be willing to playtest the adventure.
- It is a 5th-level adventure.
- It should play in 6-12 hours (so a long day OR 2-3 evening of play).
- Use any character you wish, from any setting you wish, even mix-and-match (of course, FOE characters are encouraged).

This is what you commit to doing:
- Commit to playing through the adventure within the next month
- Provide feedback from game play (full details to be provided)
- Keeping the details about the adventure a secret (for full enjoyment)
- You will play with a group of 4-6 players

What you get for participating:
- Play-tester credits
- A copy of the final adventure
- Additional FOE perks (TBA, I have good ideas but I do not want to over-promise)
- Adulation of millions

This is a tale of a one-sided love affair. Obsessive love, love that covers everything, that sticks to you forever, that forgets everything else. This 6-12 hours adventure set in Ravenloft is best played with a group of 4-6 characters of level 4-6 (optimized for level 5s).

Do not hesitate to contact

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