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Friday, August 10, 2018

Gencon 2018: Part 1: Before Gencon

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Before Gencon

Like all Gencons since 2014, the con really started way back when for me... It started when I had to submit a program. This year, I wanted to do something simpler. After having to blast six adventure during the summer, I wanted to have some time to myself. Summer was going to be filled with exciting things to do and I wanted to enjoy it. Trips, friends, gaming, cons.

For the adventures, I offered a program that was basically the same as Origins, but adding a special adventure. I'll admit, I had but a fuzzy idea of what I wanted to do with it at the time: I wanted to use my ships. More on the specifics of the writing of the adventure will have to wait.

I ran the adventures a few times as slot zeroes to Isabelle, JS, and a few brave souls... So everything had been run at least once before Gencon.


The trip up to the con will be forgotten quickly as nothing of note happen: open road all the way up I-65 between Nashville and Indy.

I got there "early", sat on my bed and began writing while something played on the TV. I did not sleep particularly well, but good enough.

Of note, my hotel was on the south loop of I-265, ten minutes to the convention center, fifteen in the morning traffic. I chose not to share... I needed my beauty sleep (as in, I need a lot of sleep to be beautiful, and I don't sleep a lot).

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