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Sunday, August 12, 2018

Gencon 2018: Part 2: Thursday-Friday

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Full of nerves and excitement, I could not sleep so my alarm found me quite awake and showered. From there, I headed to the Walmart just over the interstate to get some food items that would last me the con: sliced turkey, cheese (provolone and swiss), wheat bread and strong mustard. I also bought chips and oreos. Not fully healthy, but enough to keep me going, have a quick turnaround time for meals. Most of it good stuff, a little junk food to feel like I'm doing things right.

Isabelle was running "Mad Despot of Hellsmere" set in Saggakar while I would run "Come to the Hills" set in Rhym. On the rare occasion I got to look her way, I could see the side smirks she gave as her players tried to understand exactly what was happening. It is a tale of madness after all.

Come to the Hills can best be described as very old-school D&D, hitting the major tropes of games I played when I was a teenager. An interesting amount of twists and turns to keep you off-balance, but you are never completely lost in what is going on.

For the evening, we both ran Akhamet's Lost Pyramid of Neferheket. Again, while serving as an introduction to the setting, this hits the classic tropes you would expect from such an adventure. Isabelle and I both enjoyed watching the PCs go through the many twists and turns of the plot.

Before I knew it, I was walking back to my car headed back to my hotel...

A lot more gaming to come...


I got up, ran to McD's for a mcmuffin, but really, I wanted the large coffee. I find their coffee better-tasting than the burned sewer water sold at Starbucks. As an aside, I must give big kudos to the Marriott Starbucks for offering 1$ refills... That is amazing and kept my coffee budget low.

So armed with food and caffeine, I was heading back to the Marriott for day two.

Today, J-S was going to run the Rhym adventure while I moved to do the Saggakar event. Another whirl of a day: great table. JS is one dang hell of a great GM, more than once I saw him do thing and went "That's not really in the mod". You know, that thing every writer says and does. But the look of puzzlement, terror, and excitement at his table, I reminded myself to let him do his thing. I AM SO GLAD I DID. As we talked at the end of the day, I could not help but go "OMG YES! That's even better than what I have in there!" Great work, dude.

Again, the evening had us both running Neferheket. Fun times again...


  1. Hey! I enjoyed Neferheket a lot, and so did the friend I came from. :) He's still cursing about the illusions.

    1. Glad you did! It was a blast to surprise you guys with the whole of the Pyramid...