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Thursday, July 26, 2018

Akhamet Released, New Campaign Toolkits

With FOE Legacies rapidly approaching its 5 years of operations, now is time to go through and update a lot of the files for the campaign. Not only is a good shake up beneficial it injects new life into a campaign.

I am very happy to announce the release of the Akhamet Campaign, inspired by Ancient Egypt. Pharaoh ruled for 25 centuries but earlier this year, the High Priest announced he was dying. Akhamet and all its content will be incorporated into the Legacies Organized Play Campaign.

For your continued support, you get to be the First to know of the release of this exciting campaign setting!

I have just given the Legacies Campaign Toolkits a major overhaul and added a bunch of new things to it. Check it out, it is free!

In the last year, the Legacies campaign has gone from a purely Pathfinder-back campaign to now being a purely 5th edition campaign. As part of this change a lot of things had to change.

- If you had a Legacies character built using the Pathfinder system, create a new starter (3rd level) character. Keep all your favor points, as your new character is assumed to have performed these actions. Contact us directly if you received a unique item for an updated version (yes, your character keeps the item).

- If you never played Legacies, we organize our games mostly through our Facebook Group. We are always looking for additional players (and GMs). Make a character or play one of our flavorful (and interesting) iconic characters. With the upcoming release of the Akhamet setting, this means you can pick up to 24 characters (6 for Saggakar, 6 for Rhym, 6 for Akhamet, and now 6 from Mythic Greece).

- This update to the Toolkit, includes two maps: One of Akhamet and one of the ArchDespotate of Faremh, 24 pre-genrate iconic characters, and the updated 2018 Character creation Guide.

You can see out ever-growing list of character resources on our revamped website:

Thank you for your support! We look forward to seeing you at the gaming table at Gencon!


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