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Sunday, January 14, 2018

Writing Updates for January 2018

A quick update on the (many) projects I am currently working on actively. This does not includes projects on which I jotted down ideas because there are a lot THOSE.

Akhamet Setting I am continuing to work on Akhamet... The setting is in a good shape but still needs work. So... Work in progress. I got some great submissions from two other authors: Ed-K and Randy-P that added extra dimensions to the settings, takes I did not foresee.

Akhamet Adventure Path of the eight-ten projected unique adventures, I have completed five. Many still need to have added elements. One of the adventure I initially wrote as an introduction to Akhamet, but it grew into something much bigger. So I have a choice: cut it in two OR leave it and come up with something new. Choices...

Tyrants of Saggakar Advnetures I have been advancing a number of projects here and there, but the most advanced is a story that advanced the plot for House Tioten, with the ArchDespot's own father, Despot Qetneh of Hellsmere. They are still VERY raw and in need of a lot of formatting and polishing.

Tyrants of Saggakar Fiction I have a new narrative that will go out with the adventures. Once I decide to finally stop self-editing...

Rhym I have not heard much from JD in quite a while. I hope his health is doing fine. I have started on another adventure for the summer cons: this one takes place in Celtic-inspired Kheldorn. It will be time to move the website to a new location. All of that should be behind the scenes-type-stuff. Still the site will now be very mobile-friendly. I am very proud of it, in a nerdgasm sort of way...

Other projects I have a few things I'm playing with, but my time is currently occupied by Akhamet and the rest of the summer stuff. There are more projects than time to develop everything!

Playing Finally, I have been making a major effort to play some more. I've been scaling back on Pathfinder games (I am not having as much fun with them as I used to) and running more 5e stuff, a mix of Akhamet, Rhym and Saggakar. My kids really love Saggakar the most, the character races is what they like most. So a lot of plates to juggle.

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