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Monday, January 22, 2018

FOE at Conglomeration in Louisville in 2018

With the spring convention season nearly upon us, I have to start and schedule my yearly travel times. Not only with the cons themselves, but also with the Missus and the kiddos. This year, I plan on returning to Conglomeration in Louisville KY. It is a convention I really enjoyed.

Don't believe me? See the my After Action Reports for 2016 and 2017.

Particularly the following passage:

I am very encouraged by the gaming team to do some changes and improve how the game room flows and runs and will anxiously (read: I will bother Derek about it through the year) wait for details of decisions and plans.

Well Derek and I have been talking about the convention and I am very happy to report that FOE will be returning to Louisville at the end of March to run some new material. I am still finalizing what I want to run and that's a big problem now because of the growing amount of material I can draw from: Akhamet, Rhym and Saggakar. It's like I am a 3pp Organized Play campaign all my own!

Seriously... the multi-setting campaign I can now run is pretty much how I envisioned Legacies would grow as a 3rd Party campaign, where different style of adventures would take place together.

But enough side-bar!

If you plan to attend Conglomeration, and I strongly encourage you to do so, I was able to get a special discounted rate for those who sign up with the GMPROMO2018 code... This code will take 5$ off your registration! At that price, I am thinking of having the kids join me. Well, Jojo and ActionMan. I don't think Kitty cares enough.

I will have the latest Rhym adventure, Come to the Hills for sure... and some Saggakar. I have a great plot but my writing for that one has fizzled out. I am stuck at an encounter that just does not make the plot flow. So I have it laying unfinished.

Akhamet? Maybe. I want to, but dunno what I will have ready. My plan is to offer 3-4 game slots, including the Sunday morning.

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