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Saturday, January 13, 2018

Pre-playtest of a pre-release

Today, ActionMan and I attended a get together at Grand Adventure Comics, on of the local FLGS. One of the biggest advantages of it is its proximity compared to the distance with the other stores where games are played near here.

I brought with me a few things, among them my Akhamet iconics and the intro adventure I am planning to run at Origins.

As we were a very misfit group: misfit in the sense of a wide-ranging experience of playing D&D. Some having never played, some only played 1st Edition, others 3e/Pathfinder, etc. So I opted to run a quick encounter to teach the game to everyone. I pulled out the iconics and ran a simple encounter: the PCs are walking somewhere across the desert, they encounter a small band of zombies.

ActionMan played a rogue and enjoyed himself. I think he likes the flashiness of the monk better.

The minis on there represent the iconics (a mix of Privateer Press, Stonehaven, Wargames Foundry, Reaper and a lot of Crocodile Games) and the Privateer Press undead threatening the PCs...

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