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Saturday, January 6, 2018

[Campaign Report] The disagreeable wife (with art)

Today, I ran another of our family's home game starring three PCs. The kids taking their roles once again.

- Awelara, the apothecary (cambion warlock 4, played by Jojo)
- Nightshade, the urchin (darkling monk 4, played by Kitty)
- Zombie-Slinger, the soldier (anuka fighter 4, played by ActionMan).

At the end of the last episode, they managed to stop the dimensional web from destroying Saggakar. However, Zombie-Slinger was lost when he played with the device before it was turned off. So this adventure started as the girls arrived in a cave filled with Mists not remembering where they came from...

The two found a wanted poster in their pack. Yes, the following poster:

They had no idea who this Zombie-Slinger or Ramis of House Ougozar were... They headed to the nearby town of Pemrose in Therland where they found Zombie-Slinger working as a city guard there.

The Anuka has a treasure map where ancient orc chiefs were buried.

Having cleared out the whole caves, they found only large spiders, dead bodies, a pre-looted crypt, and a wedding locket. Flush with victory and wanting to buy more stuff, they returned to town to sell the equipment they found and buy new stuff.

The locket it turns out got them involved in an affair of a missing wife. So they began looking for the missing woman, which finally led them to a ruined keep nearby where a band of warriors kept the woman. They stormed the castle, fighting off wave after wave of reinforcements, including a magical snake, and the leader of the plot.

In the end, they found the woman which sounded a lot like their mother. And hillarity ensued... In the end, they were victorious and had lined their pockets.

Kitty colored Irene's work because she wanted her character to be colorful!

On a personal note, I think the maps for this part of the adventure was pretty nice and snazzy. I used the dungeon section as a way to bring the PCs into the story. They kept looking for "but there has to be a secret passage", "Are you sure we did not miss anything?", and my favorite "But there is no treasure here!"

The massive battle at the end was pretty cool, with reinforcements serving as a rechargeable lair action! (Yes, I had a maximum number of soldiers to send against them)

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