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Sunday, May 8, 2016

[Non-gaming Sunday] Fiction

I told you I was taking writing class. This is the one noteworthy piece of fiction I wrote: a short 200 words description of one of a series of characters. I won't show you the picture I wrote about, just let you imagine the character.

The goal was to physically describe the character: physical and mannerisms over action and history.

Sandra could not wait to meet with her best friend Ann. They would get together around coffee but instead she would order the fancier cortado, espresso with milk. She dressed to impress, while remaining professional: black was both slimming, professional and it would draw the eye to her shoulder-length blonde hair and away from her body. A scarf would provide a feminine touch of color to the outfit. She disliked her body as it wasn’t as slim and sexy as it once looked, so she chose loose and form-hiding tops and wide pants. Gone were the heels of her youth, replaced by more comfortable skidders. Accent jewelry covered the phalanges of her fingers.

For the past few days, she had been looking over shots of period costumes and trying to make sure there were no historical inaccuracies. She had a number of stories to tell Ann about one, a Victorian-era constable. At first, she was sure it was perfect, but an online search had uncovered a number of issues. Telling Ann about them would be the highlight of her day. She liked sharing knowledge she would find about such minute detail.

Ann would listen and take notes, nodding and commending her on her discoveries. She was such a good friend.


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