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Friday, May 20, 2016

Conquistadors in Africa: A Game for The Sword and The Flame

Tomorrow, for the first time since I left Colorado, I will participate in a miniatures event. Nashcon 2016 will be my first time there. I almost attended last year before having to back out due to my car's explosion...

So I am posting a few quick pics of the assembled forces for the big day. I am so excited to play some colonials again.

It will be Actionman's first full non-RPG convention. We will be playing minis all day together. I know he is going to love it. As my game is in the morning, we will decide what to play in the afternoon. There are so many fun games on the program that I can't quite decide what I would do if I was by myself. So I will do like I did at the previous events: I will go with the flow and see what to do.

I will have pictures, including the terrain after tomorrow's game where ActionMan and I will take on the world.

Here is my blurb:

It takes a real man to survive all the dangers one might find in the jungles of Africa. But to succeed in a quest as big as the one currently at stake, it's going to take much more. Opposing factions ready themselves for a final showdown as they all seek to capture the same prize.....the legendary Lost Mines of King Solomon. JP Chapleau, of First Ones Entertainment, brings us this epic adventure using modified "Sword and the Flame" rules and 28mm figures. Up to 6 adventurers can join this quest for fame and fortune and become a hero of legend.


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