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Thursday, May 26, 2016

Gostor: Wilderness creates vast stretches of land in seconds

This book was written to answer a simple question: “What’s here?”

At the time, I was working on an adventure set in the desert (actually grassy plain) so I did research on the desert and drawing on my own experience in the Arizona and Colorado and my readings, I put everything together.

As a child, I thought the desert was an empty place filled with sand dunes and a few rocks. A family road trip in 2006 changed that perception. The desert became a place of many features, many colors, mostly yellow-brown, I will admit, but many colors.

Then as I started to put down a list of elements for the desert, ideas came to me for other types of terrains. In no time, I had entries for mountains, coast, and plains.

At that point, a very rough draft of this book was done. As the original reason for this book dropped, I left it behind in my work in progress folder, waiting for the time I would need it again.

I began work on a new project, one which required me to work on maps. Then I suddenly remembered this rough draft. With my need in mind, this book came together fairly quickly. This book focuses on realistic terrain and does not include any fantastical or magical terrain by design. Such content may form the core of a future Gostor product…

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