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Saturday, May 14, 2016

Gencon plans are coming together

On Sunday, Gencon registrations open up, so it is time to tease you with what you have coming... I have a few adventures currently in the works.

Before I go into the specifics of the adventures, let me tell you about the Pathfinder/5e events. On Thursday and Friday morning, I will be offering Saggakar adventures using 5th edition. These will be taken from TOS2-00 Service and Reward. That adventure features short (2h-ish) sub adventures forming a whole, similar to the format that the Adventure League has for many of its intro scenarios, something I find extremely brilliant, but more of that later.

During the Thursday and Friday afternoons and evenings, I will be running any of the adventures below, depending on whoever comes to play. I only split the slots between Pathfinder and 5e to make sure everyone came for the game they like.

I am also extremely proud to announce that I will not be the only one running Legacies this year! Writer-extraordinaire Randy Price will be joining me on Thursday Evening and Friday afternoon! This means that you will be able to play with the (quite twisted) mind of the man who came up with Onero and the plots therein!

So many good things are coming to Gencon this year, especially since I am only attending Origins as a GM for others this year (more on that later). I will have new shirts made, along with a new banner for the new year, which Irene sent me the final art. And like everything else, it is GR-EAT!

If I come during one of the Pathfinder slots, can we play the Special? Yes.

Can I apply 5e credit to a Pathfinder character? Yes.

Can we play mixed tables? No.

Will there be unique items given during the special at Gencon only? Yes.

Now for some blurbs:

TOS2-00 Service and Reward by JP Chapleau

The ArchDespot declared that she wanted to impose her will on those who spurned the divine yoke of the Faremh. Before she can send troops in foreign soil, she needs to pacify or at least get the cooperation of the Houses. This is an introductory adventure to the world of the Tyrants of Saggakar.

An adventure for APLs 3-5 (characters level 3 through 6)

TOS2-01 Fate of Zealots by Randy Price

An assassin loose in the city of Onero is nothing special. Someone is willing to share information in return for a share of the bounty. But in the city of sins, nothing is ever secret and offers come from all directions.

An adventure for APLs 3-7 (characters level 3 through 8)

TOS2-02 Fogs of Days Past by JP Chapleau

A new ArchDespot now sits on the throne of Faremh. Her rule is far from unanimous, however. She needs people to retrieve the ancient crown to prove her worth.

An adventure for APLs - (characters level 3 through 1)

I decided to have my Sunday morning slot be the special specifically.

TOS2-I01 Dreams of Dust by JP Chapleau

Last year, adventurers recovered an icy slab from Yorix's island. The slab was locked away in the under bowels of the palace. But it did not lay dormant, but has been dreaming, dreams of dust beyond the Mists.

An adventure for APLs 3-8 (characters level 3 through 9)



  1. I checked Gen Con's scheduling site, and... I can't find any of these. :(

  2. I know! Gencon is waiting to approve them... Still! I will let you all know when/if they finally approve the games.

  3. I turned out I did not get a ticket for the PFS Special on Friday night (not that unhappy about it, because PFS Specials are usually so-so), so I'll see if I can join your table for that slot.

    1. Great news... Greater news would be for Gencon to finally accept my events...