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Sunday, February 21, 2016

After Action Report: Genghis Con 2016 Part 3

Part 1, Part 2

In the final installment of this series, I will go over what went well, what could be improved and random bits and notes. This is very much in touch with my approach to agile programming...

Things that went well

Registration Wow talk about an improvement! Gone are the endless, unmoving lines the DGA had for us. Instead, we have a fully computerized system that runs really quickly, and enough operators to make it all work. Big, big kudos on this one!

Buzz As I walked into the central lobby of the hotel, the place felt like it had a buzz, that something was happening there, even late into the evening. Though I'm not into cosplay, I like seeing the ladies in their outfits. They really add something to the con as a whole.

Organization One thing I liked was when I got to see the miniature players and the board gamers, things seem to really be rolling on. Things felt really tight.

Things to improve

Signage for RPGs As good as the overall was, the RPG section really needed a mustering area, somewhere people looking for games could gather. We used to have this when we were in the lower lobby.

Once on-site, the character

Move away from Radisson/Red Lion The Radisson feels cleaner and nicer than the Red Lion was. However, the Annex has its own list of problems. I know that next year, they will be moving (no word where just yet), so this is really a moot point.

Gaming Politics It is impossible to separate people from the politics. He said-she said. And people butting in here and there. This is not unique to gaming, but it is something that I try to stay out of. I really hope people will see how much things have improved and return to play. Playing is what makes us gamers. Staying home and bitching about the organization/ organizer/ venue does not provide us and others with additional means of playing.

Random Bits

How the unplanned turns out better Although I thoroughly enjoyed running slots, those slots I kept open turned out SO MUCH BETTER than I expected and really increased my enjoyment of the event.

So many friends I saw I was so lucky to get to meet and chat with a lot of people I sincerely missed. Homer-H, Ryan-J, Lawrence-T, Darrel-H, Matt-M, Lenny-L, Jeff-E, Everett-M, Chris-F, Russ-B, Wes-R, all the gang from the Haven, Murry-M, Matt-R, Bruce and Michelle, Neil and Amy, the Arcanis folk: Gregg, Ryan, Bill, Jim. I know I'm forgetting more than half the folks. Even if my memory blanks out right now, don't worry, I am still super happy we got to chat, as brief as it may have been.

So many friends I didn't see Well there are a course a lot of people I did not get to see, I will name D'Anne, Jon, Linda, Kenton, but also most of my old NeoExodus group: Tom, Brian, Jacob.

Next Steps

I was very happy to receive another invitation to another con, Tacticon which will be held in Colorado Springs this year. I have yet to see how my schedule will turn out for that time of year, but I am definitely interested in going back.

I like the idea of having a con in the Springs... Really like it.

There is no doubt that this GenghisCon is one of the best I attended. For the first time in years, I was not actively organizing, I just ran and enjoyed my slots. I will do whatever I can to come back.


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