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Wednesday, February 17, 2016

After Action Report: Genghis Con 2016 Part 2


Friday morning I woke up somewhat early and began going through the Onero book. A lot of moving of stuff around really and expanding some of what Randy bad in there. I sent him a few things we needed to add. Really just beefing up of a few sections.

That done I went and had breakfast with Matt Rowles, the owner of the con. I pointed out a few issues I had (which I will point out later). Great guy.

My first slot of the day was "And everything nice" a personal favorite of mine. I was stoked until two minutes before the slot, players dropped out, leaving me with two. I was bummed but still determined to give a good show. Homer cries of "JP you are evil" and Ryan's look of despair let me know I was doing it right.

Next slot was "Doud where's my cart" a rather interesting trip. For this one, I had to turn away a player whose other table didn't make. As usual, I received quite a few glares and wtf looks. Finally by the end everything was resolved and I think my players did not want to lynch me anymore... Definitely a fun table.

Then the evening... I had not planned anything firmly. I was thinking of playing the 5e epic, but with a 1st level character, I'd rather not do that. So instead, I tried to get in on some Savage Worlds. After some searching, I found a seat at a table of East Texas University. Think Buffy meet Texas in College. I played Travis Wayne McGrit, the local Jesus, country music, and NASCAR loving local outsider. That group was awesome. Frat boys,  party animals, we didn't need a plot. I laughed so hard throughout. Highlight of the game is when I reached the finale and used a benny to ask divine Inspiration from "Dale" who is now in the winner's circle in heaven. Then proceeded to "turn left" around the desk until I reached the checkered flag... Awesome.

This was also the first time I got to sit with Chris Fuchs. Now if you don't know Chris, he is the name that made Savage Worlds a household name in Colorado. Over the years, I participated in events he helped with and we worked side by side at con games for years, but we never played together...

This was an experience I really enjoyed, and will seek to repeat. If you ever get a chance to play one of Chris's games. DO IT!


I got up in the morning and worked on Onero some more (again sending Randy additional things to work on) before heading down for breakfast.

My first - and only slot - of running today was a second go-round for "Doud where's my cart" again. However, talking to the players, two of whom had already played it, so I offered them to run "House of Mirrors". James' adventure is SO fun to play and to run. I will run it again some other time.

The afternoon, I planned on going to the miniatures room, participating in Gamers' Haven's demo game. However, the guys weren't running any demos, other than a starship game. Their tables were usurped by some of the tournaments. Now that place was filled with players of Malifaux, 40k, and Bolt Action (I tihnk it was Bolt Action). It was good to see so many players in one place. Ed and Troy were running around super busy, which is always good to see at a con.

So I was stuck. A half-hour into the slot, what was I to do?

I went to registration and got 2 generic tickets and I made my way towards the Adventure League because they had games starting every two hours.

I got there with limited hope, I had been told everything was sold out. I entered their HQ just as they were looking for a 4th to start a new table. Even better, my good friend Lenny would be the GM! So I got to play a fun game of AL with Lenny as GM! My little first level kept getting his butt kicked and going down. Somehow, I survived and made it to level 2! Woohoo!

For the evening, I decided to play some Shadowrun Missions. For once, I sat on the other side of the screen with Homer and Ryan. Fun times, fun indeed.

The game over, I headed to the bar where I met with Everett, but also Chris, Bruce, Michelle, and Jodi Black from PEG. It was great to chat and exchange with gamers talking about so many things. Great fun.


After the alarm, I headed down to breakfast where I got to catch up with Wes. Wow it's been so long since we almost met at PaizoCon 2013! Everett and TJ came down to join us later. After that, I was on my way back to Tennessee. I was sad, but also very happy to have experienced GenghisCon. Wow. Great time.

This ends my action report. Next time, evaluating what went well, what can be improved...


Edit: Corrected the spelling of Chris Fuchs

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  1. Chris Fuchs, aka Savage Mommy. You spelled his name wrong!
    He's an awesome GM