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Sunday, February 14, 2016

After Action Report: Genghis Con 2016 part 1

This past weekend, I was a guest at GenghisCon in Denver. What a con! What a trip down memory lane, but also so many new memories made.


After working a half-day and thinking everything was going to hold together for two and a half day. What a fool I am. But from the moment I left the building, it was time for gaming. Time for GenghisCon!

I got home, packed the kids in the car and we drove together to the airport. Initially, I was planning to only go with Julie, but the kids were having a snow day. You know, two days after a snowfall you have to keep kids at home when the roads are all dry and clear... But that's crazy talk!

Plane trip and within three hours, I was back in Colorado. Now my plan was to drive down to Colorado Springs and sit and play some D&D Encounters with my good friend Lenny. However, my flight got in too late, and when I finally rode into town, It was well past time where I could be added to the game, plus he had like eight players so I would not have joined.

But this unexpected twist meant that I got to just hang around Gamers' Haven, catch up with Rob and Stu, but also old friends I hadn't seen in forever, such as Murray (shout out to all). I was also refered to as "New Guy", which I thought was quite funny. I chatted with Rob for about an hour in the

Man I do have to say that I was like coming home. The place was buzzing with people playing all types of games. It was great!

Once Lenny was done, we chatted about how things went, what was happening, the gaming world, changing faces, in short everything two gamers talk about when they get together. Only sad point: Rob would not attend GenghisCon himself. I discovered with glee that I still had some store credit so I used it to get a 5e Monster Manual.

After leaving, I made a detour to a small Mexican place (whose name escapes me) but where I got some food I wolfed down while driving... It was delicious.

Checked into the hotel to find I had a room all to myself! Oh the joys of snoring and not worrying about waking someone else... I didn't sleep too well: the excitement of everything kept me awake.


I woke up early but stayed in bed writing and going over elements of the city book for Onero, then snoozing a little. I thus spent a lazy morning waiting for the con to start... not knowing that events started around 2pm. Or I would've hurried myself and perhaps even scheduled something to play!

I drove to a local Walmart and bought myself (and the kids) some Denver Broncos gear. I now have my Superbowl 50 Champions shirt! Go Broncos!

Coming back to the hotel to drop off my loot I headed to the airport to drop off the car. Coming back on the hotel shuttle I met up with Homer and Ryan. It was great to see them both, and so knowing we'd be playing a fair number of games together we sat together to talk about games, and Saggakar and PFS, and his job and.. and. I had hoped that we could've gotten a game together before the con, but that didn't happen. Almost but not.

Finally seven pm rolled in and it was game time! Matt McConnell joined us and we were off to the races.

I ran a game of Randy Price's Path to Ambition. The adventure went well and I put out a few notes to add to the Onero book, which I sent to Randy at the earliest opportunity.

After the game, I made a quick stop at the bar where I sat down with Troy, Ed and Jose from Gamers' Haven. A quick drink and I went up to snore like a chainsaw.

Let's continue tomorrow!


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