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Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Five inspirational songs for writing

The following list was compiled by looking at my playlist for songs I found put me in the mood for writing. Oddly enough many of these songs are not my favorites by these bands.

To make the list, a song had to be on my playlist for at least one year, had to be a song I look forward to, and it has to evoke something that sparks my imagination.

There are many great songs but I had to limit myself to five. Its a lot harder than it seems.

Genesis The cinema show It might be possible to read a lot into the sexual theme of this song as to the reason it is on this list. However the truth is that I find the instrumental piece in the middle just awesome. Phil Collins' drumming is spot on. And this awesome piece just keeps going on and on. The awesome doesn't end.

Lost Horizon Cry of a restless soul This song - just like Twisted Sisters' We're not gonna take it should never be listened to at work. Daniel Heyman's screaming is just great and delivers the song with drive. I find myself thinking of adventures and overcoming tyrants.

Marillion Grendel How can I pass by this 20+minutes epic. With Grendel, the monster of Nordic lore returning to Hroatgar' hall for its revenge. However the beast is back to avenge the slights mankind blamed on it. And let the blood flow.

Chris de Burgh Revolution/Light a fire/ Liberty There are few songs I know that can detail the revolutionary's plight than this one. This three part epic goes from the whispers to the shouts to the soothing words.

Iron Maiden Fear of the dark This is the song that really grabbed my attention. This paranoia story about things crawling in the dark always fascinated me. Back in College, I used to conclude my radio show with it.

Those were five songs that get my creative juices . What are your inspirational five?


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