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Monday, April 13, 2015

Five songs of the First Ones

As I wrote "Service is Eternal", I drew inspirations from a number of sources. I listened to many records. A few songs were my "MVP" and provided me with a lot of insight. In addition to the more generic inspiration list I posted last week, this list is specific to the First Ones.

Genesis' The Knife, 1970. Perhaps the easiest song to put on this list. The Knife is a song about revolution and mayhem. The song's narrator places himself above all consequences as he orders the death of all his enemies, without mercy. The song is powerful and quite move. I especially find the ending ironic, as after his "victory" he again tells his follower that they are to become martyrs.

Rush' The Enemy Within, 1984. This song written as "Part 1 of the trilogy of Fear" (to which a 4th part was added in the early 2000s) deals with one's inner fears. Driven by Neal Peart's awesome lyrical ability, we end up on an internal trip of fear, these fears are in our minds, in the shadowy corners of our minds. It is where I find the First Ones to be most effective: when you guess their hidden hand, but do not see it.

I must admit that I considered Witch Hunt which is the 3rd part of this tetralogy whose theme deals much more with the group fear. Mob mentality and group panic, however, I went with the invisible, hidden hand instead. Both good choices.

Iron Maiden' Fear of the Dark, 1992. This song has been a favorite of mine since I "discovered" Iron Maiden back in college. Similar in theme to Rush's The Enemy Within, this one places us in alone, on a dark road. Having once been in such a place, I can definitely relate. How the minds forms all types of creatures and movement. When the simply rustle of leaves or running of a small rodent turns into... Fear of the Dark.

Sonata Arctica' Wolf and Raven, 2001. This song is definitely a strange one. Here, we find someone who hates but seeks acceptance of a superior. The "Master" is clearly uncaring and demanding, just like I imagine the First Ones to be. They don't care about you, don't worry about your feelings. They care that you obey. The narrator does horrendous things and worries about his soul, but the Master does not care.

Gowan' Criminal Mind, 1985. Every good list needs an odd-man. This is it. As a Canadian, I did see a lot of Gowan on TV in the 80s. It helped that a friend of mine was big into music and bands of all kind and he introduced me to a lot of stuff I had never heard before and still love today (Rush, Genesis, Yes, Queen, Heart). This song can be qualified of a prog-rock, but one that fits very much in the 80s. It features someone who is completely unapologetic, remorseless whose only crime was "getting caught". Put on display in a show-trial, and being completely without fear of the consequences. Whenever this songs come on, I keep thinking of Arem'shehr in chains and presented before an open court. The video has not aged particularly well, but as a child of the 80s, the music still strike a cord. I was really happy to hear that Gowan now plays the song with Styx. (Note to self, look for Styx tickets in Nashville).

Which song(s) make you think of the First Ones. And why?


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