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Friday, April 17, 2015

Legacies to rock Lexicon

This weekend is Lexicon in Lexington KY. I will be there all day saturday to run some Legacies. The first two parts of the Battle for Gytha series: Plains of Sametia and Knee Deep.

But also Ablaze went the swamp, the first battle interactive of the series. I have most of my boxed text written down and have some of the unique certs to give out.

Having run the first two parts a number of times, I feel confident in their quality. They build up to where I want to go with it. The next part of the series will come as the Origins special.

Now for the BI to rock. I have my terrain AND my miniatures ready and packed. I will need to use my daughter as an extra pair of hands to carry my stuff (no, I am not opposed to the use of child labor, especially my children).

I know I'm late. But I should have most of it done and printed tonight when I get into Louisville. With hockey playoffs going on and my team (the Canadiens de Montréal) being in it, I find it hard to focus on anything.



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