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Thursday, April 2, 2015

Farewell to a beloved character

It has been a long time since I posted - eighteen months or so since I posted a I retired a PFS character post. This time, I retired a character that really closes an era among my PFS characters.

Sahba, is the middle sister of the al-Zawree sisters, between Naadhira, the eldest and self-proclaimed prophetess of Rovagug; and Katharan, the youngest and a fire caster. The other 2 have played a lot at first. With their self-centered focused of the other two sisters, I wanted someone who was very different. So I came up with the following concept. This sister, unlike the other two who were very forceful, I wanted someone who was reserved, quiet, and somewhat beat down.

The idea for Sahba, came from, I believe, one of the movies on the Wifetime Movie Network my wife enjoys so much. The "third sister was really depressed and beat down by the other two. So when I built Sahba, the idea of a hero character who was constantly depressed called to me. So Sahba became a hero. Then I imagined the following story for her: she and her mother were sold to Taldane slavers and told her she had to serve the Taldane. So Sahba - who is not the brightest tool in the shed - ended up in the Taldane Slave-Legions.

Sahba is a "traditional" paladin (no special archetype) who went around with her head hanging low, insisting on taking all the risks herself.

So, as you head off to retirement, I bid thee farewell, Sahba. I expect that I will see you in the upcoming retirement story arc. Although I debated for the longest time about whether I should take her or Sir Alexite, I believe that she is both simpler and more useful than Alexite. Plus, I haven't played Alexite in 18 months! I keep hearing about this new arc but have yet to see anything coming out. It has already been years since we had a proper conclusion...

Having greatly enjoyed - and calling that storyline "The best of all PFS" - the original retirement/ seeker arc, I look forward to the next arc.

Farewell Sahba! It was fun!


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