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Sunday, March 22, 2015

Should I turn the blog into a podcast?

Last week, I was talking to Tobias (the artist behind Spooks) about his Kickstarter, which got funded BTW, so congrats to him and Nathan! We talked about a few things and one of them was podcasts. I admitted that I was not a big consumer of podcasts (they distract me too much and I have difficulty concentrating on them) and he proposed that I could do a half-and-half, with some podcasted posts and some typical writing ones.

One of the main reasons I use this blog, which I readily admit, is to practice writing in an editorial style. This colloquial form of writing is one I try to avoid in my adventures. Early adventures I wrote, were very much in that style and after some criticism about it, I try to abandon it for a clearer, more concise, technical style.

It is the opinion piece rather than the information part of a newspaper. You know that this blog presents opinions, whether controversial or not.

So this blog is an exercise itself.

Every blog post is lovingly written, then edited and finally posted. I have done a few videos, but I do not get as much enjoyment from doing them.

So as I was driving to and from MidSouthCon this weekend, I had a LOT of time to think about things. In the end, I want to gauge the feel of the audience. Should I be doing more podcast/ video blogs? Which do you do more of? Listening to podcasts? Watch video blogs? Read text-based blogs?

How do you consume your media?



  1. I mainly get my game-related news from podcasts. It's handy to leave them playing in the background, while I do other stuff.
    The only vlog I "watch" is Game Geeks, and I treat that just like a podcast.

    I'm not sure how much of your content could be better handled in a vlog or podcast. The interviews, perhaps, might work better if we had a voice or face to put to them?


    1. Perhaps... Though I'm mostly concerned about the time I'd have to edit the thing... As I tend to hop from one concept/idea to another all the time.
      I'm not convinced. I like to write