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Thursday, March 5, 2015

Arcanicon 2015: I have a cunning plan!

So Arcanicon is upon us again. Last year, I had such a blast playing in the day-long special, I was lucky to play on a table with Paul, Nicole and Eric, who I got to join again at the battle at Gencon. Our adventures were quite memorable. During that adventure, my character, Kermina, became the bearer of her "pink sword" called Morning Glory.

My Arcanicon 2014 post can be found here.

So now comes the time to do it again!

So right around Winter Fantasy, I found a ticket from Nashville to Chicago (this year's con is at the Holiday Inn just out of O'Hare airport) at a very low price. It would allow me to work all day (leaving around 3-3:30 and fly into Chicago, get a good night's sleep and then get to som full-day gaming.

That's right. This year again, the campaign leadership decided to run a FULL-DAY special event!!! Add to the fact that I am a whore for special/unique content. (note the use of "whore" here, it will be funnier later). Ever since my first such event at Winter Fantasy, I always find that attending them turns a convention into an event, into something great. It is also one of the reasons why I keep promoting them to everyone and why I blog about them. (Don't worry after Arcanicon, I'll start on the Lexicon shortly).

But back to business.

This year, in addition to all the fun stuff surrounding the full-day event, is one that my main character in the campaign, the quite unique Kermina Gallia val'Borda, is going home to the convent where the nuns have taught her... Well it was a very libertine convent is a nice way to put it. This was such a nice incentive for me to attend the event.

Not only that, but the event in question is the Feast of a Thousand Kisses (I can already hear my wife and daughters go OOOOOOh). So I was dared (I won't way who on this forum, but you know yourself) to "comes dressed as Kermina!" I laughed at first. But he insisted. I was trapped. Now the gauntlet was thrown and the challenge had been issued!

I was going to dress up as Kermina. A seductive, pretty, woman with long hair, wearing just enough to not be arrested for public nudity... Yes like the image to the right.


The fat, tall, bald, bearded man, a woman.

I will be the more horrible-looking woman in the history of mankind. So I hatched a plan. Not just any plan... a CUNNING PLAN it was. Hehehe vengeance would be mine!

So I did exactly what I said I would do: I would dress up as a woman for the special! It would be the MOST sanity-draining day in the history of mankind. I expect Cthulhu to rise for sunken R'lyeh and Jesus to fly down from Heaven to have a fight on that day. It will be awesome!

Okay the idea was in... now I have to execute. I was wont to just waste money on a costume I would not wear again. So I assigned myself a budget of 50$ and sought items that I could pass on to my daughters afterwards. A lady friend helped me learn things about myself, such as my dress size.

I never looked at women clothing too closely before (at least not with an eye to putting it on myself. but wow... Ladies clothes are so much more complicated than men's (and children's) clothing. Okay maybe I had taken on more than I could there... But I was committed. It had to be done.

I took Julie and the kids to Party city to find some accessories: wig and jewelry. I thought about getting a sword but we thought the boy might use it against his sisters. So you know, the wig AND the jewelry are already claimed by my girls.

So now... all I have to do is get everything in the suitcase and prepare for the con.

As I said... I have a cunning plan.



  1. I already regret asking, but it's best to be prepared: Will you be posting pictures? :)