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Monday, March 9, 2015

My day as a woman!

So for the second year in a row, I attended Arcanicon - this year in Chicago. For the second year, it was awesome. So many story lines, so many things people did, so many memories.

For the past two years, the big draw to me, was the day-long special. That's right: a full day event!

So my trip to this con began around Winter Fantasy when I learned there would be a LARP segment. Now my main character (and the one everyone wants me to play) is a valley-girl airhead, based on Paris Hilton. But Slutty. So I was dared to come in, dressed as my character. It had to be done. I had to impose that on the world. I knew I could force people to lose sanity.

I had to dress up as a woman!

Okay well that sounds a lot simple.

It is not.

So I acquired a wig, and some jewelry at Party City, a dress at Wal-mart and a few extra accessories I borrowed. It seemed so simple in my apartment.

Well... came Saturday morning I had the choice. As I had blabbed about Sanity loss and revenge for the dare, I had to do it.

A fat guy. In a dress. With a blonde wig.

So I had to do it. I got dressed, put on my dress, jewelry, nail polish. And then I was ready for prime time. Well, as ready as I would be. It's one thing to say it and to try the outfit in the bathroom. It's another thing to go through with it. So I took a deep breath and just did it. I knew I would look ridiculous, but just like performing a play, when its time to go on, you do it.

So I appeared to the world in all my feminine glory! And so I nominate myself for history's most horrific woman!

I spent most of the day in a dress, with my wig playing the role of a beautiful woman!

Came evening (more than eight hours later), I had to take off the wig, it hurt my head and a big welt had formed. I needed to take it off. I used the opportunity to change back into my everyday clothes. My effort was made.

For the guys: that day really taught me new respect for the ladies and the many painful or difficult things they do to remain so pretty. But they make it look so effortless, so easy, so graceful (three things that cannot be used to describe me).

  -  Stepping over things is NOT easy in a dress (chairs, gamer bags)
  -  After a few tries, I began to understand the "order" of my purse. That scared me. I'm still rattled
  -  Putting on nail polish is easy
  -  Putting on nail polish in an even fashion is NOT easy
  -  Pockets in pants are AWESOME! I had to carry everything in a gaming bag/purse
  -  when you put on nail polish, you need to make sure you have remover.
  -  I am still afraid about the purse thing
  -  I don't have a very girly figure

But JP! There is almost no pix in this post. Stop teasing us, POST THE PICS!

Well don't you know that a lady doesn't put out on the first date? I guess you'll have to wait for a second date!




  1. dude you _Rocked_ that dress. I dont think I could have done such a bright dress ( I dont think I could do any dress but thats a different issue), at one point someone askes me where you were and I said sitting on a chair in the hall, and i had to point you out multiple times as they did not even recognize you after the change back to street clothes.

    That was dedication man, kudos!

  2. Consider me terrifyingly impressed..... Now put out and show us some pics!

  3. .. I will never look at you the same way again, JP...


  4. It only goes downhill from here... You will claw your eyes out!