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Friday, March 13, 2015

I'm having a baby! (Surprise!)

Like many of you, I have had the privilege of becoming a father (aka "I succeeded my Bluff check on a woman!"). In my case, not just once, but three times! I must admit that being present at the birth of all three (something I won't lie and say I'd gladly NOT go over again). When I saw their little faces for the first (or in the case of the eldest, her tiny foot) I knew my life would be changed forever.

Well this introduction leads me to the core of this post.

Those of you who have been playing in the Legacies campaign may have heard that a "certain NPC" is pregnant... One of the (good) things about pregnancy is that it ends. And with time moving forward in the Legacies campaign, the child must come at last! Which poses a dilemma: what gender will the child be? Leading into the next question: what name will the child have? Leading to: is the child healthy? So many questions, such an exciting time!

So how do I do this? I was debating it with myself as I was driving between Nashville and Louisville when a few ideas came to me. Finally, the idea I came up with was the following.

  -  Determine the baby's gender: Have LPJ make a public dice roll during a public hangout
  -  Determine the baby's name: Run a poll on the Facebook group
  -  Determine the baby's health/secret: This one I will discuss with LPJ in private and surprise you all.

Why a surprise? Quite simply because there is just SO much story potential there. I wanted to make sure that we kept something to surprise you. I mean we can't have ALL the cards on the table up front? We do have to leave ourselves some wiggle room.

When is the baby due? I won't reveal anything yet, but Gencon is fast approaching...

I will have more new sneak peeks as time moves on.

Did we forget anything?


PS: The pictures in this article are of our eldest daughter, back in 2004! She's now ten! GAH!

PPS: NO! Julie and I are *NOT* having another child. The bakery is closed.

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