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Monday, July 28, 2014

Legacy of Lies: Closing the page

Wow! It has been a crazy year for sure! The first year of FOE and the first big year of Legacy of Lies! As it winds down, I plan to share a few thoughts about it.

First off, running a campaign like this takes a LOT of time. However, it is time I cherish and value as I get to spend it with great people, both on-line and face-to-face. I really believe the campaign will get bigger and better as time moves on.

One of the things I am extremely happy was that we had a number of new writers! John Dow wrote the excellent and choice-filled "Black Glass Valley Raid" and Dave "Sin" Polson worked on one of the sub-areas of "Legacy of Lies"! I should have both of them up on RPGNow very soon (and will post a quick thing).

This year, we attended even more cons than before and going into this next year, I hope this will continue!


One of the things I have been thinking about for the longest time and have yet to find a good way to explain is the way our patron system works. Patrons are there to provide you, the player with some additional information on what is going on in the big picture. Unlike early PFS where you be told to "go do this" and there was effectively one way to do it, here patrons are not so all-knowing "You are going in this tomb no one ever knew about, but get me some item buried there." They advance the nation's own goals, but also their leader's personal interests.

Do I have to take one? No. You don't.

What happens if I take one but ignore what they ask me? During premiere events: we evaluate what you have done. Some good or bad things may happen because of your choices. Yes, we look at that too.

Do you have any plans to add or remove patrons? Not at this time, no.

Are my rewards based on doing what my patron asked? Only during special events OR if your patron appears directly in the adventure.

I guess the biggest thing for me is that I want to ask YOU, the players "What do you want out of the patrons?" We want to provide you with something that fits OUR needs and YOUR wants! Do you have a patron that you do NOT like, would like to see more, or one you would like us to add? And the biggest sub-question of all: WHY?


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