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Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Living Greyhawk: Unique Rewards ROCKED

The story of this one harks back to May of 2005. I had just arrived in Colorado and was attending my first convention in Denver: Bencon. I played URC5-I02 Rivalry at Richfest, the first of many County interactives I would be involved with.

This one involved a number of contests. Sir Azrel, Faris of Ekbir and demon hunter of some renown, won the riding contest fraily easily (he was a master rider who would later become a wild plains outrider). The reward I got was "Favor of the Radigast City Merchant's Guild" in short, I had to pimp their products and they would offer me a lot endorsements. I liked the idea so much that between that time and the money Sir Azrel retired at the end of the campaign, he would pimp out the products he committed to selling, even offering "free samples" to fellow adventurers.

That unique rewards totally made my day. I totally enjoyed role-playing that, from explaining the content of the trail mix to the golden fields of grain found outside Radigast City.

Funny thing, D'Anne who was then the junior triad GM'd me and thought I was a total jerk (scrubbed from exact word used). Sir Azrel may have been a paladin, but he was an Ekbirrian patriot first and foremost.

Here was the little speech he would find a way to fit into any adventure: Sometimes when I'm out adventuring for long periods of time, it can be difficult to be regular... Lucky for me, I have Sir Azrel Flakes! Sir Azrel Flakes are made with grain from the County of Urnst and are packaged by the merchants of Radigast City.

Sir Azrel Flakes... so good, they're LAWFUL good!

Finally, I drew the following (I think I did it while I was in Las Vegas during one of the border cons they had there pre-NeonCon).


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